Wonderful West Virginia accepts articles from experienced freelance writers on a variety of topics, including state history, wildlife and nature, cultural heritage, special places and attractions, and interesting people. Feature articles are approximately 1,500 words in length. Payment is $150 per article upon publication. We prefer to receive a story proposal with a query, but we also assign topics to writers. Stories are often accepted a year or more in advance of publication. Once a story is assigned, a style guide will be provided for freelancers. Please note: we do not publish poetry in Wonderful West Virginia.

If you are interested in writing for Wonderful West Virginia, please send a cover letter describing your experience, resume, a story proposal, and 3 to 5 published writing clips to wonderfulwv@newsouthmediainc.com. A Microsoft Word attachment to an e-mail is preferred. Please send to wonderfulwv@newsouthmediainc.com.

If you are not interested in writing a story but wish to pass along an idea for a story, you may send your idea to either of the addresses above. Please send contact information for your story idea.

We regret that due to the large number of queries we receive, we cannot reply personally to each one. We will contact writers whose queries we wish to pursue. We appreciate your interest and look forward to considering your work and ideas.

Photography Submissions:

Do you have beautiful photos of West Virginia’s wildlife or scenery that you’d like to share with us? Submit your photos using the submission form and your images could be featured on our social media channels or in the magazine.

We are always looking for high-quality photos and talented West Virginia photographers. Here are a few qualifications we have for photo submissions:

Digital photos must have a resolution size of at least 8×10 @ 300 dpi.

No watermarks.

We do not pay for photos except on the infrequent occasions that we make specific freelance assignments or purchase stock photography. Our small budget does not permit us to purchase photos, and we are fortunate to have quite a few talented photographers who are willing to donate their work to the magazine. What we do have to offer photographers is a free listing of their Web sites or phone numbers in exchange for letting us use their work. Many photographers have sold photographs as a result of being published in Wonderful West Virginia.

For film photos, we have a new policy of accepting only high-resolution scans (at least of 8×10 @ 300 dpi) of slide photographs. If you do not have a slide scanner, most photo shops will scan your photos and save them to a CD for a small fee. This method of submitting photos protects your original work and saves the postage of FedExing original transparencies.

Please note that we cannot accept or return snapshots!

If you find this agreeable and your photos meet the requirements listed above, please email a small selection of jpeg images to wonderfulwv@newsouthmediainc.com. Or, if you have a Web site or online portfolio, simply e-mail us the link. Please include your name and contact information in the e-mail. If your Internet connection is too slow to send large files, you may mail a CD of images to:

Wonderful West Virginia Magazine
ATTN: Carla Witt Ford

1135 Main Street, PO Box 279, Granville WV 26534

All photographs submitted are the property of the photographer or other copyright holder. Wonderful West Virginia magazine is granted First North American Serial Rights as well as First Electronic Rights to use copies of the images in both its press and electronic publications, as well as on this website.

**Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we regret that we cannot respond to each one personally**